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    Eyelash Extensions

    Soft, fluffy, voluminous

    Full Set $150

    Fill $75


    Eyelash Extensions

    Long, elegant, natural

    Full Set $90

    Fill $50

    Eyelash Lift,

    (Optional Tint)

    Big style, little hassle

    Lash Lift $60

    Tint $10

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    Your lash health is my #1 priority and now with the addition of Volume Eyelash Extensions to my service menu almost everyone can safely have gorgeous, customized and easy to care for lashes!


    Together we will discuss your personal style and natural lashes to determine a look that is flattering and practical for you! Customer care is important to me so I only use medical-grade adhesive and beautiful high quality eyelash extensions in my private home studio.

    Safety First

    Are eyelash extensions safe?

    Yes! I only use medical grade adhesives, high quality lashes and sterile tools. I was a nurse for many years so safe, comfortable and healthy procedures are very important to me.

    What Price Beauty

    Will eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes? ​

    No, they will not damage your natural lashes if they are applied properly and are an appropriate length and thickness compared to your natural lashes. Each extension is naturally shed as your eyelashes go through their natural growth cycle. Eyelash extensions will not alter or impede the pace of this process if they are attached correctly.

    Making it last

    How long will my extensions last?​

    You can expect your new lash extensions to last approximately 2 weeks or longer with proper care. All clients are given instructions on how to care and maintain your new lashes at your appointment. Avoid rubbing your eyes, sleeping face down on pillows or using oil based or glycol products. Avoid getting your extensions wet during the first 24 hours after your procedure.

    Volume or Classic - that is the question

    What is the difference between Volume and Classic lash extensions?​

    Classic eyelash extensions are a great option for someone with lots of natural lashes that are too short, too straight or too fair because often all you need to add is a little more length, curl or darkness to achieve the lash look you desire. For classic lash sets, one eyelash extension is applied to one natural lash.


    Volume eyelash extensions are a blessing for clients with sparse, weak or damaged lashes because instead of one extension we apply multiple extensions (typically between 2-5) per natural lash in a fan shape to add "volume" to the lash line. Volume extensions are actually much finer and lighter then classic extensions which is why it is safe to apply multiples to each natural lash. Volume eyelash extensions are also great for clients with healthy natural lashes that seek a dramatic look. The volume lashes are still applied to one natural lash which means your natural lashes will continue to grow and shed at a normal rate.

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